Free Agents 2010

The NY Post has the full list of possible free agents this offseason.
The Mets have only one free agent they may have concerns about losing, and that’s Delgado. Really, all decisions about 2010 flow from Delgado – they can try to stick with the hand they have and keep him, bring in another veteran for at least a stopgap, or just go younger.
The first base options aren’t superstars, but Adam LaRoche might be a decent short-term pickup, there’s always Aubrey Huff, and of course you could roll the dice with Nick Johnson’s health (Jim Thome would bring all the same downsides that Delgado has, plus he’s an even worse defensive option; ditto Jason Giambi).
The other main area where the Mets might go for some relatively high-profile help would be starting pitching, but aside from John Lackey, the options include some extremely high-risk gambles like Erik Bedard and Rich Harden. Doug Davis would be more the low-impact type of signing. John Smoltz looks like a high-risk, low-ceiling gamble, although his K/BB ratios remained strong.
There’s also setup men and corner outfielders…I don’t see the Mets pursuing Vlad Guerrero, but you never know. The Angels shelled out $19 million over two years for Bobby Abreu, which seems like a reasonable deal for both sides; Abreu looked solid enough this season to assuage immediate concerns about his age, but he could still go south at any minute.

4 thoughts on “Free Agents 2010”

  1. I think the Mets can only keep Delgado if they get a surer-thing big bat to play LF. If so, he’s a decent cheap option, and they can wait for Ike Davis to maybe start to get some playing time later in the season if all goes well.
    The Mets also declined the option on JJ Putz, but may try to resign him at lesser money, which would make sense depending on how lesser.
    Lackey is the only starter who’s both good and durable. GMs get fired signing guys like Ben Sheets and Rich Harden, although Omar may feel like he’s in Hail Mary territory anyway, and prefer someone like that to a Jason Marquis type who is likely to be healthy buy just not good enough.

  2. Depending on what he’s looking for Bedard could be a great pickup this off season. Unfortunately for Met fans he’s seriously press-a-phobic so chances are slim he’ll sign with a big market team.

  3. Pretty weak FA crop this year, ton of mediocrity. If the Sox actually let Bay walk, he’s the impact bat the Mets should go after, but its doubtful the Sox actually let him get away. Lackey has to be a big Mets target. Otherwise, its all about making trades, and I fear Omar’s history there.

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