7 thoughts on “Um, Never Mind”

  1. He has learned well at the feet of Slick Willie! It doesn’t matter what you say today, because you can always say something else tomorrow.

  2. “I’m confident that we can actually arrive at this place where neither side feels that it’s being betrayed. But it’s going to take some time. . . .”
    If the President really feels this way, why is this bill being rammed through congress at the speed of light? Shouldn’t a radical re-organization of 1/6th of the US economy “take some time,” too?

  3. When Clinton was shaking that finger at us at lying through his teeth about Lewinsky, I couldn’t do much more than feign outrage. You could look in his eyes and see that twinkle that asks, “Anybody buying this?”
    Zero has the audacity to outright lie to your face while castigating you for telling the truth. The twinkle is absent, which is why some people think he has some psycho in him.
    Clinton was an okay president if a crappy human being. Zero, I think, will be remembered for his ineptitude and for setting a new low character-wise.

  4. I agree about Clinton. Other than the dishonesty, slander, corruption, scandal, criminality, and gross incompetence, you could tell he was a fun guy to party with.
    History is going to treat Clinton better because of the comparison to BO-zo. Bo-zo has slandered so many different groups of Americans so often it’s difficult to keep up. And his lies are so pervasive that the word “dishonest” becomes woefully inadequate for the task.

  5. It’s still a little early to give a final judgment on Clinton. The history books have largely closed now on his predecessor, who will be remembered mainly for handling the end of the Soviet empire well but leaving the Gulf War unfinished, but we tend to remember presidents by the problems they solve, the ones they create or let fester, and the lasting things they build. 5-10 years from now, we’ll have about reached the point where we can say more definitively what will be laid at his feet. He’s passed the most important milestone, which is that the election of a new president from his party means that Clinton is officially a past-tense political issue.
    That said, my guess is that history will deal Clinton the unkindest cut of all and mostly ignore him. It’s hard to think of anything of lasting importance that can be attributed to him.

  6. Has anybody noticed that Zero’s followers don’t even try to defend his lies? Nobody parses his words or claims we’re confused. They simply accept that Zero operates by befuddling the rubes and ramming stuff through that we hate. It’s no wonder they’re in such a big hurry–no telling where the tipping point lies.

  7. spongeworthy,
    Knee-jerk defense of Presidential liars is conservative’s bag.
    After all, it was “bad intelligence”* which led W to think Iraq was a threat to the US.
    *Stove-piped by an intelligence group put together by his VP and Sec. of Defense.**
    **Both of whom (like the MSM cheerleaders) would realize financial gains if we went to war.

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