Quick Links 11/20/09

*Lots of interesting stuff out there on Sarah Palin and her book tour. the Daily Beast looks at how Palin’s book and tour are a one-woman economic stimulus package. Obama’s organization wants a part of that action too: Organizing for America says Palin’s book tour is “dangerous,” so please give them $5. As liberal writer Ezra Klein notes of the Palin coverage:

Liberal sites need traffic just like conservative sites, and the mainstream media needs traffic more than both. And Palin draws traffic. This is actually pretty good revenge for a politician who hates the media. The press had a good time showing Palin to be a superficial creature who relied more on style than on substance, and in getting the media to drop everything and focus on her book tour, she’s proving that they’re much the same.

Amazingly, two positive Palin pieces at Salon, and neither of them written by Camille Paglia: a favorable review of her book and a look at what she means and why she’s not going away as a public figure.
And witness the McCain campaign’s crack rapid-response team in action: more than a year after the election, the NY Times finally gets to talk to the stylist who bought the Palin family’s clothes, and admits that Palin had nothing to do with the money that was spent.
*Mitt Romney takes apart how Obama’s inexperience has led to his failure to set clear priorities and resulting lack of focus on the war and the economy while he pursues as-yet-unfinished health care and cap and trade bills and failed efforts to salvage the campaigns of Jon Corzine and Creigh Deeds. It’s a mark of how inexperienced and incompetent Obama is that he can be lectured credibly on these points by a 1-term governor like Romney and a half-term governor like Palin. Michael Gerson looks in more detail at the mess that is Obama’s decision-making process in Afghanistan.
*Another glorious victory for the stimulus:

The Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, after receiving about $1.3 million in funding from The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, reported creating or saving 935 jobs in their Head Start preschool program that only employs 508 people.

*Byron York looks at why Eric Holder is refusing to disclose how many Justice Department lawyers have previously represented the other side in the war.
*Patterico, as usual, is a man not to tangle with, and he remorselessly dismantles an LA Times columnist over the latest Breitbart ACORN videos. It’s a facepalm with egg and crow!
*Jonathan Karl notices a $100 million payoff to Louisiana in the Senate healthcare bill to buy Mary Landrieu’s vote. John Conyers, in griping about Obama’s posture on the House bill, speaks about “the Barack Obama that I first met, who was an ardent single-payer enthusiast himself.”
*Michael Rosen looks at Al Franken’s so-called “anti-rape” bill that would preclude arbitration of sexual harrassment and various negligence-based employment claims. As Rosen notes, given that the law already bars arbitration of claims arising from rape, whereas the things it would actually change are much less dramatic, it is flatly false to describe opposition to the bill as being “pro-rape” – but then, that’s pretty much Franken’s M.O.

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  1. I looked at your link regarding all the economic activity caused by “that idiot” Sarah Palin. My guess is that Palin by herself has created more jobs than Obumblers failed stimulus. It would be interesting for someone without an agenda to run the numbers.

  2. I looked at your link regarding all the economic activity caused by “that idiot” Sarah Palin. My guess is that Palin by herself has created more jobs than Obumblers failed stimulus. It would be interesting for someone without an agenda to run the numbers.

  3. The Rosen link attributes the “pro-rape” rhetoric to “the liberal blogosphere”. Is there any evidence that Franken (or any Democratic reps) used the inflammatory language themselves, similar to Republican reps using the disingenuous “death panels” phrase that terrorized the elderly?

  4. About a month or so ago the media showed a clip of uber liberal Robert Reich talking in 2007 or so about what would happen if the government took over health care. There was basically no difference between what he said and “the inflammatory” language used by Reps such as “death Panels”.
    It is really amazing with all the data, news and history regarding the decades long world wide failures and problems around social spending in general and govt health care in particular, how lefties work themselves into this trance where they ignore all the information which disproves their belief system and it is a belief system.

  5. The new myth the left is peddling is the “ignorant seniors being scared by lying Republicans”. I then rebutted it by showing that liberals have said the same exact thing as “lying Republicans” and then noted how lefties, the “speakers of truth to power” the most cynical free thinking tolerant people in the world suddenly become the equivalent of religious fundamentalists when the subject becomes social spending. It is all unicorns and rainbows -nothing negative about these polices-no problems whatsoever.

  6. I dunno, maybe because dch wrote several relatively nonsensical paragraphs dancing around a politely phrased, straightforward question, without actually providing an answer.
    Kind of the way I answered your question. It’s how civilized society tends to function.

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