9 thoughts on “Looking for Stupid”

  1. I don’t know whether AL Gold Glove for SS = major award, but giving that to Cindershoes I. McFistpump has to rank as a mistake.
    Obama is at -15 on the Rasmussen approval index. Another thing to be hopeful for.

  2. There was the guy who gave Miguel Cabrera a first place MVP vote for going on an all-night drinking binge with a playoff spot on the line.

  3. Not sure where to post this, but have to ask Crank.
    Did you see where Perino also thinks 9/11 is nothing?
    First W, then Krauthammer, now Perino.
    It’s nice to see your 9/11 rants being exposed as nothing but a fetish.

  4. There’s a fetish here Berto, but it’s not Cranks. Every time you push this 9/11 is not a big deal theory, you sound crazier and crazier.

  5. Crank we need posts here and at every conservative blog about climategate-we have them on the run -now lets finish the job.

  6. Agreed, dch. fictional data, that is a classic. Given the impact of proposed legislation I wonder if the Chinese justice system is not the model? GW profiteers should get the chair.
    Poor Tiger, the sports world is rarely forgiving of a man in his circumstances. Brett Myers is readily forgiven, Woods seems likely to be a punchline for the ages.

  7. LargeBill, that would indeed make sense of this.
    You guys do know Berto’s just doing shtick, right? It’s not intended to be taken seriously as argument.

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