8 thoughts on “Bad Bet”

  1. I am a strong believer in the Second Amendment right to bear arms, but this would make an excellent political add to support a gun control measure. Then again, after seeing this, nobody would even think about creeping into someone else’s house at night in that area.

  2. Yeah these are pretty, how should I say silly people. I don’t even get what was “the bet” -what if anything did these people put up in exchange for the opportunity to shoot at his TV if the Saints won. Sounds like a contract question. Destroying a perfectly good TV, using firearms basically along the side of someones house…….

  3. Awesome! Wish I was there. What’s the beef with some folks shooting their guns? Did they rob someone, kill someone, shoot someone?… Oh no, people having fun with their guns, that’s scary!!!

  4. I just don’t think shooting a perfectly good tv, basically on your front lawn with possible (probable) alcohol involved is that entertaining. BTW- I have been shooting rifles since I was 14, in my high school located in the heart of lefty NYC.

  5. I wonder if this guy is married. If he is, then the video I’d really like to see is the one where he explains to his wife and kids that he has to let other people destroy their TV because of a football bet.

  6. I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t see what’s wrong about it. I think anyone who wants to get up in arms (sorry) about this is probably wasting their energy.

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