Gary Matthews Jr. Is Back! We’re Saved!

On the upside of the Mets’ reacquisition of Gary Matthews Jr., Brian Stokes isn’t that hard to replace, although he was certainly effective this year, and the Angels are eating $21 million of Matthews’ remaining $23 million contract (that’s not a misprint).
(Just for the record, Matthews Jr. has batted .266/.336/.418 since the Mets dumped him as a 27-year-old in 2002).
Matthews can maybe sorta play center field better than Angel Pagan, and even in a crummy season last year he walked enough to keep his OBP at a non-damaging .336, and with Carlos Beltran’s status up in the air, Fernando Martinez needing more minor league seasoning and Jeremy Reed cut loose, the Mets could probably use a little more outfield help. But Matthews is still not much of an upgrade, if at all, on Pagan; he’s 35 and has batted .248/.325/.383 over his three seasons as bane of the Angels.
Not a terrible move, but symptomatic of Omar Minaya’s defective thought process and lack of imagination.

3 thoughts on “Gary Matthews Jr. Is Back! We’re Saved!”

  1. Not an awful move if the Mets give Pagan first crack and view Matthews as the fall-back position. I fear, though, that they’ll just preemptively give the job to the “proven” player, when mostly what he’s proven is that he isn’t any good.

  2. It’s not a bad move taken in isolation; however, when you add this re-signing guys like Caora and the rest of the mediocrities at catcher, and you see continued proof of Minaya’s inability to develop even a mediocre bench.

  3. I agree. Not an awful move. A veteran player that can play a little defense and a left handed bat. The Angels are paying most of his outrageous salary. Not a bad fill in for Beltran for the time being.

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