Gloves Off

Truly, we live in a golden age of political advertising unseen since Ralph Nader told his parrot he wanted to dress up in costume and get jiggy with a panda.
First up is an NRSC ad that concisely sets forth why Republicans everywhere rejoiced at yesterday’s Illinois Senate primary win for Obama crony Alexi Giannoulias and his, er, baggage train:

Funny, hard-hitting, and a sign of why the first polls out of the gate show that Giannoulias is going to have a tough battle with Mark Kirk to hold onto the “f___ing valuable thing” that was once Barack Obama’s Senate seat. Then we have this ad from the New Orleans coroner’s race – I don’t know any of the facts or even which parties these guys belong to, but….dude:

Then we get this bizarre 3 1/2 minute web ad from Carly Fiorina, accusing Tom Campbell (one of her two opponents in the GOP California Senate primary – Chuck DeVore must be laughing his sides sick at this) of being a “FCINO” (Fiscal Conservative In Name Only), an unfortunate acronym that takes a distant second to the flying demonic sheep as the strangest part of the ad:

One thought on “Gloves Off”

  1. Unless close family members or friends die around Election day, I think I am going to be in a state of euphoria for about a week.

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