If you thought Alexi Giannoulias, running in the shadow of Rod Blagojevich and Roland Burris, wasn’t enough corruption and scandal for the Illinois Democrats in one election cycle, you were right. Meet the winner of the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor:

What Chicago election is complete without elements of domestic violence, prostitution and tax evasion?
A Chicago pawnbroker who financed his campaign with nearly $2 million of his own wealth, Scott Lee Cohen Tuesday won the Democratic Party’s nomination for Lieutenant Governor. But with new details of Cohen’s sordid past emerging today, Democratic primary voters will soon be wishing they had given his five rivals a second look.
Cohen allegedly held a knife to his then-girlfriend’s in October 2005. Charges were later dropped after the woman, once convicted of prostitution, failed to appear in court to testify against Cohen.
A police report of obtained by the Chicago Sun Times said the woman had scar[r]ing and defensive wounds on her hands “from trying to defend herself against the arrestee swinging the knife at her.” Additionally, Cohen “pushed [the] complainant’s head against [a] wall, causing a bump on the back of her head.”

Read the whole tawdry thing.
UPDATES: Pat Quinn, still carrying the baggage of his running mate in the last election, thinks his current running mate should and will have to drop out.
Ace notes the first Rasmussen poll showing Kirk leading Giannoulias by 6 points and has a chuckle and a caution about the whole situation:

It’s a one-time gift by Democrats that they’ve nominated these guys with absolutely no regard to how they would fare in the general. They assumed that, as usual, the general would be a cakewalk, and so they could nominate whatever corrupt/crazy/socialist idiot they liked in the primary.
Conservatives have been having a heated argument about just this — how far can we go? It seems the Democratic Party hasn’t had this argument at all in blue states.
They’re going to pay for that.
Alas, they will not be this stupid for too much longer.

And Moe Lane notes that the GOP candidate in Illinois’ 11th Congressional District has the opposite record from Cohen as far as people attacking women with knives.

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  1. Hold on a minute, Senator Kerry ran for the oval office with a wife beating philanderer as his number two. So Cohen likes to get his Spitzer on, big deal. Juanita Broaddrick and Mary Jo Kopechne agree, move on, there is nothing to see here.

  2. Obviously Cohen is not fit for public office and his nomination is an abomination.
    But before you guys get too giddy take a lok at Jenny Sanford’s book. That guy formerly being touted for the GOP in 2012 is a complete jackass. He almost makes Miss Wasilla seem in touch with reality.

  3. Obama down to 43%-Global Warming religion being debunked daily-Dems headed for electoral armaggedon…….lets talk about Sarah Palin.

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