It Tholes For Thee

Omar Minaya says the first thing he’s said in months that made any sense:

Josh Thole will compete with Omir Santos this spring training to be the Mets’ starting catcher, GM Omar Minaya told….”I think Thole is going to compete for a job in spring training,” Minaya said. “We’ll see how he plays coming off a very good year. He led the league in hitting in Venezuela (winter ball). With Thole, where is he? Do we rush him? Does he take the job?”

Maybe now we can dispense with the hand-wringing over the Mets lacking the money to sign a fourth-string catcher.

2 thoughts on “It Tholes For Thee”

  1. Personally, when a team is running Tim Redding and Pat Minch out there I have trouble seeing just how capable the catcher might be; so I was never able to see the holes that presumably existed in Josh Thole’s game.
    The man can get on base. I like that part.

  2. Unfortunately, Omar now appears to be pursuing Rod Barajas again (35 yrs old, listed at 245 pounds, .258 OBP). Presumably because he’s “proven”.

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