Where We Left Off

Not that this should come as a huge surprise, but Kelvim Escobar is apparently so injured that he can’t grip a baseball right now.
Escobar’s been a good pitcher in the past, and even if he’s not a reliable workhorse, a sometimes-healthy Escobar would be an asset to the Mets. But this report suggests that Will Carroll, who’s been sounding alarms on the Escobar signing all winter, was right: the Mets’ comically inept medical staff got suckered again into inking a guy who’s maybe not going to pitch this season at all.

2 thoughts on “Where We Left Off”

  1. Again can they do anything right? I can think of 5-6 pitchers they could have added this year at moderate prizes or via trades that would have improved their staff and they have basically done nothing. How about Jason Bay to 1b and they sign Damon for LF? Reyes, Damon, Wright, Beltran, Bay-thats a hell of a top 5. Everyone can hit 25HRs and the top 4 all have speed.

  2. I was amazed to see that he’s only pitched 5 innings since 2007. Granted, he only gave up 2 runs in those 5 innings, but this was a bad idea from the outset.

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