Who Is The Stupid Party Again?

A critical element of the self-image of partisan liberals, especially online, is their insistence on explaining why they are smarter than Republicans and conservatives (you will notice how frequently liberal writers link to polls and pseudo-scientific studies purporting to demonstrate how much smarter liberals and liberal politicians are). There’s a longer essay to be had some day on the history of this self-image and why it keeps driving them to pick leaders like Obama, Carter, Clinton and Woodrow Wilson who are tremendously impressed with their own intelligence and not so good with other essential skills and traits, but for now, just go watch this video and laugh.
Or weep, if you consider that guys like this are responsible for running our health care, economy and financial systems.
Either way, I have to say that only a military officer could keep a straight face through this.

4 thoughts on “Who Is The Stupid Party Again?”

  1. “As for your hatred of Catholicism, you clearly don’t understand Church history or the concept of sin, evidence of which is pervasive in human history within and without the Church. Christianity exists to address the reality of sin, not as a futile attempt to abolish it.
    This so reminds me of your screed against the Iraq War and your spirited defense of Saddam Hussein, despite him gassing his own people.
    Maybe a link to that piece from your archives will quiet those who are now calling you a massive hypocrite for defending those who cover-up the crime of raping children.
    Re: “Who Is The Stupid Party Again? post
    That’s a great use of irony in calling out those who believe people should be held accountable for their words and deeds.

  2. It’s not so much that liberals are geniuses, its that conservatives are disproportionately moronic. Duh, Iraq attacked us on 9/11 I’ll go for that. Duh, Obama’s black so he must have been born in Africa, I’ll go for that. And yes Crank, Palin is a flea compared to Obama intellectually.
    The apologetics for the Papacy on here are getting beyond annoying as well.

  3. “A plague on both your houses.”
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