The White Brothers

So, right after I wrote about the Blues Brothers, up pops a new music video from Hanson doing a homage to the Ray Charles music store scene from the film (keep your eyes peeled for Wierd Al Yankovic on the tamborine):

Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’

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Yes, that Hanson. No, it’s not 1997 again. I didn’t like their boy-band hits back then, but I always thought they were talented enough musicians that they’d eventually grow up to make good music once they outgrew the Tiger Beat scene and got some maturity under their belts. I actually have on my iPod two songs they did around 2000 (If Only and This Time Around – the harmonica work on If Only is done by the incomparable John Popper of Blues Traveler), but unfortunately just when they seemed to be getting pretty good, they dropped off the face of the earth, and have apparently been putting out obscure independent records in recent years that I haven’t paid any attention to.
I really like the song they do in this video, which is apparently off a new record; it’s the kind of Motown-throwback pop we don’t get nearly enough of these days (it’s not coincidental that you get good pop music from people who respect their musical heritage), with a horn section and vintage Ray Charles-style keyboard work. That’s apparently the plan for their new album, featuring Motown veteran arrangers and session players. They’ll never be confused with Wilson Pickett – whichever Hanson brother it is who sings still kind of has a boy-band voice – but compared to most of what passes for pop music these days, it’s a breath of fresh air.
All of that said: after watching this video, I would not recommend they dance again in public.

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  1. The middle Hanson brother is in a band called Tinted Windows with Jimmy Iha, a guy from the Flaming Lips and another guy from Cheap Trick. Good pop. Check them out!

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