Nuke The Spill!

Somebody please tell me this is satire: I’m not even sure where you’d start listing the reasons why using nuclear weapons against the oil spill in the Gulf would not be a good idea, and the fact that it was – if this report is to be believed – policy in the Soviet Union is not an endorsement of it as environmentally responsible or even sane. If you want an illustration of why a government-directed economy ultimately creates problems that make mine and well safety issues in a free market economy look like peanuts, consider this:

[S]ubterranean nuclear blasts were used as much as 169 times in the Soviet Union to accomplish fairly mundane tasks like creating underground storage spaces for gas or building canals.

No thanks.

8 thoughts on “Nuke The Spill!”

  1. Actually, this is absolutely true. Two of the biggest dams, and two of the largest canals in the northeastern Soviet Union were kicked off by nuclear blasts without ill effects on the local populace, who lived around, and drank, the water.
    At least according to their MSM, the state-run media. I would expect the coverage we get from Obama’s media is just as accurate, thorough and honest as theirs. Makes you feel real safe, huh?

  2. C’mon Crank. What’s the point of having nukes if we’re not going to use them? Amiright?

  3. If we are going to use nukes I can think of many more desireable targets like…

  4. Lest we get too high on ourselves, we tested nuclear weapons in rural Utah and Nevada in the 1950s and told the kids to go out and play in the fallout because it would be good for them.
    Nonetheless, the argument that the Soviets did it is definitely an indication that we should NOT consider it.

  5. My point wasn’t that the Soviets were unique in testing nuclear weapons unsafely. It’s that they were – if you believe this report – using them for routine industrial blasting jobs.

  6. Sorry, Crank, I was responding to the first comment, not your post…

  7. Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida are all Republican. No votes lost.
    glowing fish solve energy problem

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