6 thoughts on “Country Joe”

  1. Joe West is a clown and it is a disgrace that he is not suspended, or better yet, fired. Of course, that would backbone and courage form Bud Light Selig, so I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Funny, I have no motivation to check out his country music, none at all.
    Possible album title: Joe West Young Man

  3. There are so many umpires toiling in the minor leagues hoping for a chance in the Show, I fail to see why the Major Leagues put up with guys like West and Bob Davidson.

  4. Apparently he is also the President of the Umpires Union. Hate him, he sucks as an umpire and he doesn’t realize that no one comes to watch him.

  5. West has been a buffoon for a long time. If you remember, in the 70’s and 90’s there were quite a few umpires like West…combative, vengeful, overweight and unprofessional. After the disastrous Richie Phillips-led mass umpire resignation in ’99, the professionalism, if not the quality, of the umpiring improved markedly. Somehow West was able to weasel his way back in, and that should be corrected.

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