Home Sweet Home

I’ve hit a few times on the Mets’ bizarre run of dominance (22-9) at Citi Field. Some of the causes are explicable – Reyes, Pelfrey playing well at home – some are surprising (Jason Bay adjusting his game to a park where he struggles to hit home runs), and some are just freaky coincidence. Here’s a few of the latter:
-Fernando Nieve hasn’t allowed a run in 14 innings at home this year, compared to a 13.50 road ERA (18 runs in 12 innings). Nieve’s career ERA at Citi Field: 1.13.
-Mets pitchers are batting .213/.226/.246 with 3 Runs, 4 RBI, 5 Sac Hits and 0 GIDP in 62 plate appearances at home this season.
-Fernando Tatis at home: .389/.476/.611.