Class of 06-07

Joe Posnanski uses the occasion of the Jeff Suppan release to look back at the disastrous free agent class of 2006-07, baseball’s equivalent of the subprime mortgage bubble. I wish I’d updated my own analysis in midstream of that free agent class. Patrick Sullivan has argued that JD Drew’s at-first-glance-obscene contract is actually a bargain compared to the rest of his peers, and while I still think you wouldn’t sign Drew for the same money today, he’s right in light of the market conditions of that insane offseason.

One thought on “Class of 06-07”

  1. Yeah, that was bad (although I believe it has been argued here what an underrated pitcher Jeff Suppan has been/was). While they get throw away lines I am not sure why including David Ortiz and Dice-K in there made sense in the context of players who have been awful for the full breadth (or close to) of their contracts. Dice-K is infuriating but other than last year he has been pretty good and Ortiz, other than the first half of last year, is still one of the better left-handed power hitters in baseball and one of the key reasons the Sox won the World Series in 2007. Other than the Lugo money they flushed down the toilet (not to mention the Edgar Renteria money one year beforehand) all the signings mentioned have worked out pretty well all things considered.

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