Laid So Low

The Orioles are now 17 1/2 games out of fourth place. Eventually, the Blue Jays will drop some steam – until recently, the AL East had the four highest-scoring teams in MLB, but Toronto’s fallen off to 8th now and sports an AL-worst .309 team OBP (then again, last year’s hitting stars, Adam Lind and Aaron Hill, are both below .300, and could offset a lot if they start hitting) – but the strength of that division has to come out of someone’s hide, and the Orioles have drawn the short straw.

3 thoughts on “Laid So Low”

  1. With the off-season moves the O’s made, I thought they would be a lot more competitive than they are. Tejeda and Atkins both looked like solid moves to improve the offense, but that hasn’t been the case.

  2. I don’t think the Orioles are any worse than the Royals, Pirates, Diamondbacks, or Astros; they just have a 2010 schedule that’s the baseball equivalent of the Bataan Death March. Baltimore’s still got 39 games left against the beasts of the AL East (.219 winning % against so far), and of their remaining 99 games 76 are against teams that right now have a winning record.
    If Pittsburgh was in the AL East they’d lose 130 games easy. The O’s will only drop 115 or so.

  3. Where does Angelos rank among bad sports owners though? Not just in baseball but anywhere? Considering his resources, what he has spent and the history of that franchise is there very many who have done a worse job of guiding a franchise? They’re not even competitive. Neither Tampa nor Toronto have the money the Orioles do. I think the last time the Orioles even drew any thought from the other teams was the first 15 or so games of 2004. It’s been 13 years since they made the post-season. Is it him Snyder (Redskins) and Sterling (Clippers) in their own special category of terrible?

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