But The Media Was So Nice To Bush!1!1!

There’s probably nobody on the web more in love with really, really dumb arguments than Media Matters and Eric Boehlert, and Matt Welch absolutely destroys their contention that the LA Times – which in some alternate universe MMFA thinks suffers from right-wing bias for employing one conservative columnist in a sea of left-wing reportage, the delightful Andrew Malcolm – would never, ever hire a columnist so disrespectful of a Republican president. (Patterico has some fun with one of Boehlert’s related claims). Welch does this, by the way, without even scratching the surface of the venom directed at President Bush by other columnists at the LAT or elsewhere.

4 thoughts on “But The Media Was So Nice To Bush!1!1!”

  1. Old times, good times, Crank.
    I remember back when disagreement with a sitting President was tantamount to treason. Then again, I remember a lot of things that happened before 1/20/2009.

  2. Funny Berto, I remember when dissent was the highest form of patriotism. But then I remember a lot of things before 1/20/2009 too.

  3. Paul H.,
    Re: you memory. Thank dog there is another person whose memory goes back to pre-2009. Consider yourself an outlier, amigo.
    I’m always searching for others who remember it was GWB who bailed out the banks by giving them our tax dollars without any concessions. Would love to have a beer with you and reminisce about how conservative policies of deregulation cratered the world economy.

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