3 thoughts on “Can’t Handle The Truth”

  1. Hopefully, at some point, the hype will subside. Living in the DC area, I get the local feed for all games. I heard Dibble’s lament about Hallion in the first start, and it was BS. He acts like no one’s ever thrown a 12-6 curve, or a late breaking cutter. These guys have seen all of those pitches before. What sets Strasburg aside, for now, is his ability to command them all. Most pitchers can only throw one or two, and then only fairly well. SS is a very good pitcher, but the hype machine is becoming a bit much to take, especially down here. When you watched Gooden in 84, you’ve seen it all before. Oh well, at least it takes Fat Albert and teh Redskins out of the limelight for a few hours every 5 days.

  2. They talked to Don Denkinger for backgroud in an artice about umpire errors? Irony reigns.

  3. I agree with DS about the hype in DC by both Nationals fans (though I forgive them because they’ve been starving for any sign of competence) and the local press. I disagree about the difficulty umpires are having with his pitches because the movement is both so late and so sharp. I have only a vague memory of Koufax and sharper memories of Blyleven and Matlack, and I don’t recall seeing curves that break like SS’s.

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