Oh, Now, He’s Against Foreign Money

Michael Barone and Erick Erickson note the absurd spectacle of Barack Obama, whose 2008 campaign flouted the laws against foreign campaign contributions, suddenly becoming shocked by the concept.
UPDATE: Over at FactCheck.org, longtime campaign finance reporter and crusader Brooks Jackson (I read his book “Honest Graft” in college) says there’s not much to the Obama attack anyway.

5 thoughts on “Oh, Now, He’s Against Foreign Money”

  1. lets be lectured about campaign contributions by the guy that promised he would accept federal funding in the Presidential Campaign than reneged on his word and out spent his opponents by 200 million dollars including god knows how much from untraceable foreign sources. 3 weeks to beat down #1 and hopefully 2 years until this clown is launched.

  2. Crank,
    Yup. No reason to find out who’s funding the election of those who will rule the country. Besides, it’s not like they’re funding a NYC Community Center.

  3. 93% of union election donations go to Dem candidates
    53% of corporate election donations go to……Dem candidates.
    Last election the Obama campaign dropped all the online filters that were put in place to excluded foreign donations.

  4. Of course the majority of corporate election donations go to Democrats.
    Democrats are better for unions, better for corporations, better for citizens, better for the USA.* No question.
    * Better than Republicans, at least.

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