10 thoughts on “Unjinxable”

  1. Crank, I give you credit; that must have been painful for you to post.
    Of course, the Yankees are among the few teams that actually have an ALCS sample size large enough to be worth breaking down that way.

  2. Answering my own question: the Yankees had home field advantage in 5 out of those 7 ACLS wins. And, in 4 of those 5 wins, the Yankees needed to go back home to close out those series.

  3. Nice to see the Yankees staring at a 1-2 hotel with AJ Burnett going to the hill for Game 4. Must see TV.

  4. The Yankees had an interesting decision – I’m not sure I would have went with AJ here, he hasn’t pitched in weeks and he’s a wildcard on the mound. But win or lose tonight, the Yanks have the rest of their staff on regular rest, and I have every confidence the Yanks can bounce back from a 3-1 hole.

  5. If the Yankees lose tonight this series is over. They simply cannot hit Cliff Lee. They can’t beat him. He is stone cold kryptonite to them.
    I am tickled that the Yankees and their fans have to put their faith in perhaps the ONLY player Yankee fans have had less faith in than Alex Rodriguez circa 2004-2008. This should be fascinating tonght. Go Rangers.

  6. Past results are not an indicator of future performance. If AJ Burnett goes, well, AJ Burnett and is gone by the 3rd inning and you all get rung up again tonight y’all are done. It’s not like you’re the 2004 Red Sox facing the 2004 Yankees.

  7. It’s nice when AJ comes through and the Yankee bullpen puts the cherry on top. Get the fork out of the drawer and stick it in them ’cause they are done.

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