5 thoughts on “The Pointed Shot”

  1. When the legend sounds better than the fact, print the legend.
    Seriously, the facts ALONE about the Babe are enough.
    1. More home runs than any other team in a season.
    2. Best left hand pitcher of a decade.
    3. Extended Roger Connor’s home run record by something like 600.
    4. 1918, the greatest most impossible season any player in any sport has ever done. In fact, it couldn’t happen, because NOBODY could play almost every day he didn’t pitch, win as a pitcher, be called Hercules by the press, and win a Series. No, of course that couldn’t happen.
    5. Pitch and win 2 complete games in your thirties, when the team is short a starter. You give up 5 and then 8 runs, well, it’s a damn sight better than Canseco did.
    6 – a million. All you need to know is that everyone today over the age of six still knows who the Babe is. He died in 1948, 62 years ago, he stopped playing about 75 years ago, and when you go into the Babe Ruth room in Cooperstown (that alone is worth the trip), it’s a silent place, where everyone knows it’s important. Who compares with this man? Aside from maybe Hammurabi, and he had a lousy curve ball.

  2. Was Stevens really there or just one of the 10 million other people who say they were there? Just askin.
    Babe was the Babe. None like him before or since.
    BTW, I heard that Hammurabi had a heck of spitter!

  3. This is the same muddled mind that is convinced William Shakespeare couldn’t possibly have written the Folios. Time to put this senile fool to bed.

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