Patterico notes a meme being rapidly spread by left-wing bloggers: that Glenn Beck told his viewers to shoot Democratic Members of Congress in the head. This is, sadly, the kind of thing the left-blogs try to put over on their readers, hoping it will stick quickly before the facts can come out. But I would not advise doing that while the likes of Patterico are on the case.
Here’s the actual transcript that Patterico links to, and as you can see, you’d need to be illiterate to fall for the spin being put on this. After a lengthy diatribe about the growing danger to Democrats posed by hard-core radicals and Communists in their own coalition, Beck concludes:

Tea parties believe in small government. We believe in returning to the principles of our Founding Fathers. We respect them. We revere them. Shoot me in the head before I stop talking about the Founders. Shoot me in the head if you try to change our government.
I will stand against you and so will millions of others. We believe in something. You in the media and most in Washington don’t. The radicals that you and Washington have co-opted and brought in wearing sheep’s clothing – change the pose. You will get the ends.
You’ve been using them? They believe in communism. They believe and have called for a revolution. You’re going to have to shoot them in the head. But warning, they may shoot you.
They are dangerous because they believe. Karl Marx is their George Washington. You will never change their mind. And if they feel you have lied to them – they’re revolutionaries. Nancy Pelosi, those are the people you should be worried about.
Here is my advice when you’re dealing with people who believe in something that strongly – you take them seriously. You listen to their words and you believe that they will follow up with what they say.
Didn’t we learn that lesson from Usama bin Laden? I heard his warning in 1998. I said on the air at the time, listen to him. We didn’t listen. We didn’t listen to the revolutionaries in Germany, the revolutionaries in Russia or Venezuela or Cuba – no, no, no. They all have one thing in common. They have all called for revolution.
They want to overthrow our entire system of government, and their words say it. Why won’t you believe it?

Now, you may argue that Beck is being alarmist here with regard to the notion that domestic left-wing radicals are really all that likely to assassinate Nancy Pelosi, but that’s not the argument that’s being made; the argument being made is that Beck said something completely and totally different from what he was actually talking about. The “you” he is talking to is the Democratic leadership in Congress.
I’m almost embarrassed for anybody gullible enough that they fell for this one.

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  1. “You may argue that Beck is being alarmist”? He is so incoherent, he makes Palin seem sensible. Have you bought gold from him, too?

  2. I haven’t watched his show in four or five years, and probably the last time I saw more than a minute of it, he was trying to run one of my clients out of business. Doesn’t mean I have to sit still for obvious lies being told about the man for the benefit of the gullible rubes who believe what the left-wing blogs tell them.

  3. Its fascinating that no matter how many times you catch lefty bloggers/commentators cut and pasting comments or taking them out of context and you show the deliberate misrepresentation to lefties they are still mentally incapable of processing it and what it means for the rest of the things they “know”, since they get info from the same exact people.

  4. I listen to Beck often and while I have never heard him suggest violence against anyone, I have heard him specificly warn AGAINST the use of violence. In the runup to his 8/28 event he was warning his listeners that some would try to inspire violence and that they should guard against it.

  5. I’ve never bothered reading or listening to Glenn Beck, as I’ve strongly suspected he’s a blowhard. The snippet you posted just confirmed that. He’s just as bad as the hard left. I wouldn’t bother defending him. He seems alarmist about everything, never mind Nancy Pelosi.

  6. I dunno, MVH. the guy has an hour broadcast to fill. And he’s been on for a long time. I don’t think he wandered that far off the res this time.
    I do think most of the people he’s warning about are too old or too doped up to be very dangerous.

  7. “I’m almost embarrassed for anybody gullible enough that they fell for this one.”
    Such hubris, from the guy who believed Iraq was threatening his nation with non-existent WMDs.
    Seriously, your lack of self-awareness is stunning sometimes.

  8. I hold that Sarah Palin has more sense in her right pinkie finger than Barack Obama has in his entire purple-lipped head, bat-wing ears included. Can any rational person believe that had she by some turn of events become President in 2009 she would have made one tenth the unforced errors of The One?
    [I admit I’ve no idea what this has to do with Glenn Beck, an intriguing if excitable individual.]

  9. Thank you Berto for proving my point. You are shown proof that the people you get your talking points from deliberately lie and your response is to attack people using other talking points from the same discredited sources.

  10. “…the people you get your talking points from…”
    You know as much about me as you do history, economics, and world affairs (i.e. nothing).

  11. A very brief primer of the last few years-we told you that Obama would basically keep all of Bush’s intelligence and War on terror policies, you preached the lefty line -we were right. We told you that there was really no need for the stimulus and that ultimately it wouldn’t accomplish anything, you preached the party line-we were right. You continued preaching the lefty line about how the investigations in to the blah, blah war criminal Bush, blah, blah, Haliburton would result in all sorts of indictments. I told you that it was all bs to keep lefties in a state of agitation-2 years later-nothing and there never will be anything. 2010 election-the only errors made were underestimating how many seat the Republicans would pick up. I can keep going on, but I made my point. Again if lefty bloggers/media people keep lying and get caught making lies, when are you going to re-evaluate your philosophy which based on what these people tell you. Garbage in, garbage out

  12. Hooray, dch is out of the insane asylum. unfortunately, it appears the lobotomy didn’t help.

  13. You’re trying to re-write history, dch.
    In fact, I remember you* saying Obama (like all lefties) is “soft on terrorism”. Now I’m supposed to believe you knew all along that he would keep the Cheney/ Bush War on Terror policies? I’m calling Bullshit!
    * I’m using “you”, like you used “we”.
    BTW, great job on having the Iraq war cost under $2 billion,
    and financial deregulation not opening the door to rampant Wall Street fraud. Fool.
    One more prediction from me: Despite my showing you to be full of shit, you’ll still come back here ranting about how correct you are.

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