Open Thread 3/7/11

Mostly to let you all know I’m not dead (which you could tell from my Twitter feed, but I’ve been silent on the blog). Still digging out after a business trip to China. Hope to be back blogging soon.

4 thoughts on “Open Thread 3/7/11”

  1. I would be interested in your impressions of China. I went last fall for the first time and was surprised by what I saw.

  2. I’ve been meaning to do that. Biggest impression was the chaotic street scene – lots of people on motorbikes without helmets riding on and off the sidewalks, human and vehicle traffic coming from all directions without rhyme or reason.

  3. I was in Beijing — what impressed me most there was the cleanliness (except for the air) of the urban environment) and the surprising (to me) general wealth evident among the populace. I also went to Xi’an (terra cotta warriors) and the relative lack of prior interaction with westerners surprised me. People kept asking to take pictures with my wife, who is neither tall nor blond.

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