The Leg Man

Jose Reyes has 11 doubles and 6 triples through 34 games this season – totals that, if he kept this pace all season, would leave him with 52 doubles and 29 triples. How unprecedented is that? One way to look at it is that nobody’s ever hit 50 doubles and 25 triples in the same season. Another is that Reyes projects to get – even before you factor in steals (he’s also on pace for 57 of those) – 110 extra bases just from doubles and triples. That would break the (admittedly obscure) record of 96 by Shoeless Joe Jackson going away; only 9 players have notched as many as 90 in a season, and only one of them (Stan Musial in 1946) in post-World War II era baseball. I included Curtis Granderson’s 2007, the closest modern season, for comparison. Note that one of the guys on this list, Tip O’Neill of the old St. Louis Browns of the American Association, managed this in a 138-game schedule; he also batted .435. Relatedly, 1887 was the only year in the history of the majors when it took four strikes to notch a strikeout.

Player Year 2B 3B PA ExB
Jose Reyes (proj.) 2011 52 29 772 110
Shoeless Joe Jackson 1912 44 26 653 96
Kiki Cuyler 1925 43 26 700 95
Ty Cobb 1911 47 24 654 95
Adam Comorosky 1930 47 23 685 93
Ty Cobb 1917 44 24 669 92
Chief Wilson 1912 19 36 643 91
Stan Musial 1946 50 20 702 90
Joe Medwick 1936 64 13 677 90
Tip O’Neill 1887 52 19 572 90
Curtis Granderson 2007 38 23 676 84

Talk about your salary drives. Whatever other complaints Mets fans have this year, lack of a Grade A performance by Reyes hasn’t been one of them.

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  1. It’s interesting to consider but very rarely do guys keep on pace. Last year through almost the exact same number of games (37) Jason Werth was on pace to hit 87 doubles which would have shattered the all-time mark. Then in his next 46 games he hit 6 doubles. It’s easy to go off pace really, really quickly.

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