RIP Big Man

RIP Clarence Clemons. Bruce will undoubtedly tour again, but it really is an end of an era, the end of a whole, long period of my life and the lives of so many other fans of the E Street Band, to think we’ll never see the Big Man on stage again.
UPDATE: Read Joe Posnanski on Clarence. Just do.
I offered up some video memories here. A few more below the fold.

Cadillac Ranch, 1985 – this really captures the power of Clarence’s horn, and how it just drives this classic driving song along:

Detroit Medley 1984 – always a fan favorite, and more of Bruce & Clarence’s showmanship on stage:

Jungleland 1978:

And for the farewell, Land of Hope and Dreams, 2002…

…and Bobby Jean, 1984:

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