3 thoughts on “BASEBALL/No Decision For Clemens”

  1. If I was the judge on this case, I’d say “Since your misconduct is related to Andy Pettitte’s testimony, you’re barred from using him as a witness. If you don’t like that, you can appeal or close up shop.”

  2. Nice, concise explanation of a mistrial. Can a job guest-hosting for Nancy Grace be far behind?
    The prosecutor “error” is so blatant and so egregious that it is hard to believe it is accidental. I spend enough time litigating against DOJ and have experienced similar tactics that I’m tempted to want the judge to dismiss the charges.
    On the other hand, Clemens is the anti-christ . . . .

  3. Somehow, in my non-lawyerly way, it reminds me of the OJ trial, and how Lance Ito, even to me, clearly had no clue how to handle things. Because the lawyers ran roughshod.
    I frankly hope Clemens goes to jail, because, like Bonds, he made a mockery of the history we all hold so dear. Plus, the idea of testifying under oath is such a basic need to a true justice system, it HAS to be seriously punished. Martha Stewart went to the big house for lying to cops, not even under oath. This is important as a matter of principal. But I do add your well crafted lesson to things like Agnew’s nolo contendre. I mean, how many non-lawyers ever heard of THAT one before?

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