4 thoughts on “Why Newt?”

  1. Newt would like us all to remember, guns don’t kill people, violent video games kill people.
    Good Newt? Bad Newt? Can’t we all just agree on buffoon Newt?

  2. So, uh, Crank, now that Newt has said, along with dingbats Paul and Bachmann that they would ignore Supreme Court decisions they disagreed with, you still support any republican? Or has your sense of shame, not to mention your oath as a lawyer finally made you realize these are bad, totally un-American people? Support them after that and you are revealed as either an oath breaker or a coward. No middle ground with that one.

  3. I never liked Newt and would not vote for him in a million years, but his comments about judges is so beyond the pale that I wonder how anyone can take him seriously. He is a buffoon.

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