4 thoughts on “The Kim Is Dead”

  1. The easy shot here is “coming to a US clinic near you”, but if you look at the Canadian system which is held up as an example to us, there are for pay clinics, also illegal in Ccanada, springing up all over the country.

  2. I have very little respect for much of the UN’s activities, though by and large the WHO is a positive influence. And, I am certainly not making a case for the government of North Korea.
    I was not surprised, however, that the Foundry article to which you linked provided a biased portrait of the report made by Dr. Chan of the WHO. First of all, the excerpt quoted in the Foundry was part of an answer asking Dr. Chan to compare conditions in 2010 to conditions reported by her predecessor in 2001. Albeit with less than optimal clarity, she responded by pointing to improvements. Second, she noted areas of health care and health policy that need improvement, notably diet and nutrition and the need for infrastructure investment.
    Kim Jung Il has much to answer for; you might want to try finding more reliable sources

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