8 thoughts on “April”

  1. Someone needs to blast this song at the “Albert Pujols is overmatched by the AL” idiots until their ears bleed.

  2. I mentioned Spencer when Ted was collecting suggestions on Twitter, but he may not have had room. He did take a few of my others, like Mays and Armstrong.

  3. Follow-up question: which MLB player made the most of their brief burst of success? It might just be Spencer, given the timing at the end of the historic 1998 season. World Series ring and all.

  4. Offhand, I’d vote Hurricane Hazle over Spencer, since Spencer was kind of redundant to that juggernaut, whereas Hazle was a key component of the 1957 Braves winning it all (they were tied for first as late as August 6, his third game in the lineup, and won the pennant by 8 games, going 25-12 in his starts).
    I’d have to think about other candidates.

  5. That does sound more significant, and I can’t remember if Spencer got any significant playing time in the WS. I know he played earlier in the playoffs.

  6. On the road and can’t play the video but I would hope that the 1990 and 1991 trifecta of Kevin Maas, Sam Horn and Phil Plantier got a mention.

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