11/5/12 Open Thread

To talk elections or anything else. I had to close most of the recent threads due to a tsunami of spam comments that I was unable to deal with while the power was out (my house was without power, heat or hot water for 6 days from Monday afternoon to last night. Hoping to get internet, cable and phone service back some time today).

11 thoughts on “11/5/12 Open Thread”

  1. Hi Dan – I just discovered you a week ago and have been reading your stuff voraciously the last few days. Everything you’ve written about the election seems so logical and obvious. My big question is why isn’t a broader swath of the media picking up on the internals of the polling data and the historical trends to acknowledge at least the possibility, if not the likelihood, that Romney will win? I get frustrated by the left-leaning bias of the MSM as much as the next guy, but surely that’s not the reason the MSM is not only missing this stuff, but confidently predicting the opposite, is it? In other words, why the chasm in the predictions?

  2. Dan,
    Welcome back to 21 century. The temporary deprivation of some of the amenities we’ve grown accustomed to definitely makes us appreciate them more.

  3. It’s an interesting question. Perhaps the bias of the reporters are coming through? I mean–I’ve not seen one “liberal” reporter/media outlet/punidt predict a Romney victory and I’ve not seen one “conservative” reporter/medial outlet/pundit predict an Obama victory. It seems that if anyone can construct a data-based (poll-based) reason what either one of them will win.

  4. Dan – Hope your family is doing Ok and that you have power now. Liked you 10/31 column very much. We have taken to reviewing your columns here in the office, a pastime I rather enjoy but won’t miss after tomorrow. (Ha ha.) All my best to you and yours. if no power in the next few days – feel free to fly over here with the family and stay with me on the west coast. Especially if Obama wins, you might need the comfort. 😉
    All my best,

  5. I keep getting slapped down by most pundits for saying this, but I honestly believe that today is going to be a repeat of 2010, except on steroids. The media (and their followers) are still stuck in the Obama 2008 rockstar mindset, but that ship has sailed.
    There’s a good 50% of the electorate that’s chomping at the bit to vote against Obama. Period. Rasmussen’s Party ID numbers and the internals from every single reputable poll (Gallup, Rasmussen, even WSJ) bear this out.

  6. Remember that time you said Obama was toast? Looks like you shouldn’t quit your day job crank.
    and I think you owe Neil Silver an apology. He knows what he’s talking about

  7. “Dewey Defeats Truman.” “Obama is toast.”
    Is the Tribune publisher a direct relative or just a family friend?
    Remember: “CORPORATIONS ARE PEOPLE, MY FRIEND!!!” But, they are not allowed to vote.

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