Barack Obama Wants Your Mom To Nag You To Buy Insurance

Once upon a time, young voters, you remember Barack Obama: cool, hip, The Future. But not anymore. Now, he’s just a guy who wants your mom to nag you to buy the insurance policy he’s having trouble selling:

The Obama administration and its allies need lots of healthy young adults to sign up for insurance this fall to make the president’s health-care law successful.
So they are going after their moms.
They put up Web ads on Facebook and alongside slogans such as “Moms know best: ‘Get yourself health insurance.'” They have enlisted the help of parent-activist groups such as Moms Rising, which has already begun mobilizing its vast network of more than 1 million members and 3 million e-mail subscribers on behalf of the health-care law.
They are collaborating with Elle and Cosmopolitan magazines, organizing mom-oriented wine-and-cheese parties and preparing commercials that will run during shows popular with mothers, such as “Good Morning America.”

Democrats are hopeful that a nagging mother will be hard to say no to:

“In the end, it will be the moms of America who are going to decide if their families get coverage,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster who has conducted focus groups for health exchanges in three states. “They will decide and then insist their children and husbands sign up.”

But “[m]others, however, have been turned off by the divisive nature of the debate over the law, Lake said. Even for mothers engaged in politics, the law’s close association with President Obama is not always a plus.”
That’s right: Mom finds the guy a little too pushy, too.
Of course, the whole point of getting young people to sign up for Obamacare is that it’s not in their best financial interest; they’re supposed to overpay for the insurance they receive, to subsidize the older, sicker people in the program. Which is why the effort to dragoon Mom into nagging you may not work: because at the end of the day, your mother usually knows best.

7 thoughts on “Barack Obama Wants Your Mom To Nag You To Buy Insurance”

  1. Could this ridiculous idea work with any other products? Not hungry, no problem you get to pay for supper for those folks over there. Oh wait, we are sort of doing that already with the amoral (and greatly abused) food stamp program. Baseball fan with no interest in soccer? No problem, you can pay for those people over there to go get bored.

  2. Largebill,
    Ain’t that the truth. Run your bank into the ground, and the homes you have mortgages on are worth about 20% of what you think their worth, no problem we’ll bail you out with no strings attached.
    It’s always the poor family on food stamps running this country into the ground, not the million-dollar banker whose fraud crashed the world’s economy.
    It’s all part of the conservative 3-card Monte. It’s the homeless, it’s the poor.
    Here’s a clue: The people ripping-off taxpayers like you, they have offices on Wall Street and where 3-piece suits.
    RE: the amoral food stamp program
    What’s the morality of letting families with children starve?

  3. my favorite backwards logic analogy is “they are forcing to buy food , when you are not even hungry”. No dummies they are telling to stock up the fridge when you will become hungry. So, the responsible among us don’t end up footing your hospital bill.

  4. Berto:
    There are mortgage bankers and ratings agency analysts who should be in jail. There are “too big to fail” banks that desperately need breaking up. On that you will get no argument from me.
    What activity along those lines can you point to since Obama was inaugurated??

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