Remembering Ralph

I don’t really have more to add on Ralph Kiner, who died today at age 91, than I said in my 2010 appreciation of Ralph. His passing is the end of an era for Mets fans, and nearly the end of an era for baseball; only Yogi Berra and Bobby Doerr remain of the great players of the World War II generation. Ted Berg, who worked with Ralph, has his own compelling memories, and Metstradamus does too and collects some remembrances from those who knew him.
I’ll leave you with Ralph doing the postgame interviews of Yogi Berra, Tom Seaver, and other Mets after they clinched the 1973 pennant.

UPDATE: Jayson Stark’s column is too good not to mention here.
This too.

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  1. Nice remembrance of Ralph. He was emblematic of his era of broadcasting and seemed like an awfully nice guy.

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