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December 7, 1990

This article originally appeared in The Crusader, the Holy Cross College campus newspaper for which I wrote a weekly column at the time.

As America lurches closer and closer to war in the Middle East, President Bush has come under heavy criticism. In a nutshell, it is argued that he has not offered one single compelling reason free of all other motives why America is involved in the reckless adventures of Saddam Hussein. This is a manifestation of Americans' desire to simplify complex foreign policy crises into simple black-and-white issues.

We must be sure not to mistake questions about the US-Israel alliance for an attempt to reduce the situation to a sort of "Arab-good, Israeli-bad" dichotomy. This would be even worse than its opposite, which all too often is resorted to in our policy decisions. The Israelis merely need to be held accountable for their actions, as we try to do with all of our allies.

In Iraq, however, while the situation is in fact complicated, America faces one of those rare cases where (as with Hitler in World War II) virtually all the facets of our foreign policy process indicate the same course of action. In short, there is not just one reason to stop Hussein, but every reason to stop him.

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