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May 23, 2000
BASEBALL: Players vs. Fans

Last week's melee at Wrigley Field, touched off by fans stealing Chad Kreuter's hat, triggered the usual bout of hand-wringing over out-of-control fans and players who crossed the line by attacking them. (Next on FOX: "When Backup Catchers Attack!") What is wasn't, was something new. While it has never been a common occurrence, players have been going into the stands to settle scores with the fans for as long as the game has been played before paying crowds.

Just a few examples:

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May 16, 2000

Originally posted on the Boston Sports Guy website

So, Rickey Henderson, baseball's would-be all-time runs leader, is unemployed again. Boo hoo. Someone will probably pick him up, eventually, although it's worth noting that he was cut by a team, the Mets, with one of baseball's worst outfields. The question is, should anyone pick him up?

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May 10, 2000

(Originally posted on the Boston Sports Guy website)

I was going to write about Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens and the greatest pitchers of all time, but I'll get to that later. This week I wanted to write about Frank Sullivan, who pitched for the Red Sox in the late 1950s.

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May 5, 2000
BASEBALL: Down With The One-Out Specialists

The column that started it all; originally posted on the Boston's Sports Guy website.

Hi. This is my debut column here on the Boston's Sports Guy website as The Baseball Crank. Bill Simmons has been generous enough to spare some room in his corner of cyberspace for my column, which will be a rant of irregular schedule and questionable wisdom, probably starting out every other week but hopefully (day job and long-suffering wife permitting) working up to a weekly spew of bile. Some of you (those who read Bill's "Ramblings" column in college, back when we actually had to print words onto paper) may remember my byline there as the "Angry Young Man." Of course, I'm not as young these days, plus I don't really want an irate letter from Billy Joel's lawyers, so I'll be writing here as The Baseball Crank. (For you history buffs, "crank" is what they called fans around the turn of the last century.) I had also considered being the "Cranky Old Fart," but that will have to wait just a bit longer.

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