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July 12, 2002
BASEBALL: 2002 All-Star Break Musings

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I've been absent from this space for too long due to other commitments. Let's run down some random thoughts:

+For a couple of years there, Jim Rice was just about as good a hitter as Brian Giles is.

+It's ridiculous that the All-Star Game ended in a tie, but realistically it was the only decision they could make. Bud Selig looked like he wanted to crawl under a rock (maybe Joe Torre should have talked Giuliani into making the announcement). What's scandalous is how they got there - the managers can take a pitching staff full of superstars, you'd think they can find a few people to throw 2-3 innings at a stretch without getting hurt or tired. If 4 starting pitchers each throw 2 innings, you're entering the ninth with 6 or 7 pitchers on hand. They're pitchers, for crying out loud; the rest of them aren't going to complain if they don't pitch.

I know, it's an unfair comparison in several ways, but I can't resist: In the 1933 World Series, screwball pitcher Carl Hubbell pitched a complete game in Game 1 - then came back on two days' rest -- TWO DAYS -- and tossed an 11-inning complete game 2-1 victory.

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