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September 19, 2002

Go to posts ##20, 33 & 35 . . . I think Robert Dudek owes me my due on this one:

Here are Adam Dunn's stats for last year and this year, with a week to go:

2001: .262 Avg, .578 Slg, .371 OBP, 949 OPS

2002: .250 Avg, .457 Slg, .403 OBP, 860 OPS

I'm still a big fan - Dunn's improved plate discipline suggests an even brighter future than a year ago, if anything - but like I said before the season, guys who are very young, very tall and have a big uppercut tend to have big slumps, like hitting .186/.345/.338 since the All-Star break. Dunn wasn't immune to the growing pains after all.

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