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September 13, 2002

Watching Expos reliever TJ Tucker get pounded by the bottom of the Mets' order last night -- towering homer by .212-hitting Jeromy Burnitz, followed by the first career homer by Jason Phillips, followed by a double by Rey Ordonez, followed by a double by .164-hitting Brady Clark -- had Howie Rose bringing back memories of Mel Rojas. My favorite Rojas moment was the outing, on his way out of the majors, when Rojas managed to give up 9 earned runs in an outing where he threw just 11 pitches. But it also had Frank Robinson wearing a look on his face that said "two more weeks and I'm never having anything to do with this ballclub again." Robinson's still a fine manager as far as tactics and the like, and on the whole he will bring Montreal in with a better record than anyone expected this season. But you definitely got the sense this season that he didn't have the fire in the belly to keep up his old intensity -- which was much on display during the Expos' early season surge -- for a full season.

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