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September 4, 2002
BASEBALL: Rocket's Trajectory

Interesting item by the notorious Dan Shaughnessy in the Boston Globe suggesting that the Red Sox bring back Roger Clemens. Unsurprisingly, this has touched off a spirited debate over on the Projo boards (registration required), including one poster's suggestion that the Sox convert Clemens into a closer. I was talking about this over the weekend with my older brother; here's my two cents: (1) Clemens will probably leave NY, since they are paying him next season regardless of where he pitches, and Boss George will probably gag at getting double-billed by the Rocket. (2) Clemens is a mercenary. If the Sox make the best offer, he will come, particularly with the Duke gone. I'm with Shaughnessy on that one. If the money is close, he'll be home in Houston or Texas next season. Of course, I've been predicting for years (before Cooperstown changed the hat rule in response to the rent-a-Winfield fiasco) that Clemens would go in the Hall wearing a Devil Rays cap. (3) Clemens might be an effective closer, but he's probably still more useful as a just-above-league-average starter, and his Benitez-like temperment and hypersensitive leg muscles are unsuited to closing.

Bottom line: Clemens will still probably want more $$ than the Sox will want to pay, and he'll wind up with Tom Hicks, following Ryan's footsteps.

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