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September 5, 2002
BASEBALL: Why The Long Faces?

The good folks over at the Baseball Prospectus sound awfully bitter about the new Collective Bargaining Agreement - in fact, they sound frighteningly like the annual editorial in The Wall Street Journal after the Republicans agree to yet another bloated federal budget. First of all, I'm flattered that Derek Zumsteg refers to "the matching funds idea," since as far as I know I'm the only one to have proposed it (maybe my incessant emails to the BP crew on this topic have made an impression). But I wonder if some of the BP contributors have crossed the line from (a) complaining about how the owners' claims to be looking out for competitive balance are a sham designed to cover their self-interest to (b) actually rooting for the players. Me, I don't care about either side, I just want to see the games go on, although I tend to agree in general with the BP view that MLB is best served by getting the players and owners out of zero-sum-game brinksmanship and refocusing on (1) fixing the incentives so every team has the same incentive to spend dollars on winning baseball and (2) stopping what Joe Sheehan always called the "anti-marketing" of baseball (i.e., constant poor-mouthing of the product in an attempt to beg for taxpayer dollars and public sympathy in labor fights). As for the criticism that the public doesn't understand . . . the public has no voice and no leverage in these disputes. Why should the average fan take the time to learn a complex bunch of economic figures and concepts, to the end result of forming an opinion about something he has no control over?

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