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September 15, 2002
POLITICS: Shifting Control

The indispensable Bob Novak reports that Missouri Republicans are plotting some legal hijinks as payback for the shenanigans that got Jean Carhanan into the Senate and John Ashcroft into the Justice Department, and the result could make Trent Lott the majority leader again before Christmas and force a flurry of votes on judicial nominees:

"If Republican Jim Talent defeats appointive Democratic Sen. Jean Carnahan Nov. 5 in Missouri, the GOP is determined to seat him immediately -- restoring a Republican majority for a post-election "lame duck" session. Present polls show former Rep. Talent has overtaken Carnahan, the widow of the late Gov. Mel Carnahan who posthumously defeated Sen. John Ashcroft in 2000. Secretary of State Matt Blunt (son of House Chief Deputy Whip Roy Blunt) would immediately certify Talent as U.S. senator. It is considered unlikely that Democratic Gov. Bob Holden, who narrowly defeated Talent for the governorship in 2000, would block the certification from reaching Washington. That would produce a bitter Senate confrontation, particularly if Democrats retain Senate control for the regular session beginning in 2003. A lame duck session is probable because Congress will not approve funding for the government before the election."

Novak's last item also shows why New York's splintered multi-party ballots are so malleable as to be susceptible to all sorts of tricks.

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