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September 9, 2002

People say things are back to normal, but it's easy to say; it was also not unusual on Friday when I overheard people on the train platform talking about what would be a likely terrorist target this past weekend. Yeah, and how 'bout those Mets, and isn't it great weather we're having? My brain still can't process that September 11 is a Wednesday; it seems like it just has to be a Tuesday, especially since this Tuesday is Primary Day once again, and it was the primary last year that kept me from being at my desk at my office in the World Trade Center -- or worse yet, in the lobby where the jet fuel sent balls of fire careening around shortly after impact -- on that day. The new "normal" may not look so different from the old, and on the surface it doesn't feel so terribly different, except that I still turn to news of the war before I turn to the sports pages in the morning. But make no mistake: we are still at war, and here in New York, everyone (except maybe a few zealots in Times Square) knows it.

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