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September 4, 2002
WAR: Bill Clinton Is Full of It

Bill Clinton is full of it, he tells Larry King. A few telling points:

1. Clinton's gut reaction on September 11, as he tells it: "'Bin Laden did this.' . . . I said, 'Because only bin Laden and the Iranians could set up the network to do this, and they (the Iranians) wouldn't do it because they have a country and targets. Bin Laden did it.'" (emphasis added). Remember, Clinton had 8 years of the best intelligence briefings our government can provide. Need more evidence for the mullahs in the "axis of evil"?

2. Clinton refers to "my virtual obsession with" bin Laden. As our friend Larry puts it, "The permanent campaign continues in full stride." Here's a challenge to somebody with the ability to search Nexis or a similar source: see how many times Clinton mentioned Osama bin Laden in his public statements in 1998, 1999 and 2000, and compare to how many times he mentioned, oh, say, Ken Starr.

3. Clinton tells Larry King that "question is not whether to attack Iraq, but how, and under what circumstances." I didn't see the show and this isn't a direct quote, but . . . does this make Clinton a "hawk"? He does qualify as a prominent Democrat, no? SOMEBODY CALL THE NEW YORK TIMES!

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