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September 12, 2002
WAR: I Remember

Just back from out of town & catching up. I wasn't going to watch any of the commemorations last night, but I was watching waiting for the President to come on, and wound up getting sucked in to a special on the WTC part of the attacks Channel 11 in DC (not sure what station) built around interviews with Rudy and his aides . . . it all came back. I was so angry I couldn't speak. They showed all the bad stuff - the people jumping, the planes hitting the towers, the collapses, the cloud of debris, and the ultimately futile rescue effort from every angle. What came through most strongly was how completely unjustified it all was, how innocent the targets, and how rotten to the core you would have to be to contemplate this. AND, how in many ways even more rotten you'd have to be to see it unfold and celebrate. Remember, remember who our enemies are. They tried to kill me once, they may try again. Or next time, they may be after you.

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