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September 10, 2002
WAR: Ledeen's Credibility

The New York Sun , a paper that is still finding its voice, has an interesting qualifier about the hawk di tutti hawks and archenemy of the Iranian mullahs, Michael Ledeen: in the 1980s, he worked for the Reagan Administration, helping trade arms to Iran for hostages. I agree with the Sun, however, that Ledeen's analysis remains sound. But there are times I wonder about his sources. In his latest on NRO, Ledeen argues that "Tehran has made contingency plans to attack us if we were to invade Iraq (as have the Syrians, by the way, and all have been promised assistance from the Saudis)." Is this really a matter of public record? I don't exactly expect that the Syrian military has Ledeen on its speed dial. He may be right, but he is so often alone in his reports that I wonder where his information comes from.

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