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September 10, 2002
WAR: O'Reilly and Saudi Shenanigans

I don't have a lot to say myself on this dispute, but Bill O'Reilly tells his side, and the Wall Street Journal tells its side, of the flap over the recent O'Reilly show on a woman whose daughters (then children, now adults) were taken to Saudi Arabia. While it does sound like O'Reilly was used, my gut level instinct here is that now that these women are adults, there are simply better fights to make an international incident over. I'd hate to tell the mother to 'get over it,' but this really isn't the right place to draw our line in the Rub al Khali. (Neither is the preponderance of Saudis among the hijackers. Don't follow the foot soldiers. Follow the money, and the newspapers and imams it pays for).

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