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April 14, 2003

As you would expect for a site created by a lawyer, there are important disclaimers and Terms of Use that you should be aware of in observing this site:

1. All statements herein are the statements of the author (i.e., the person whose pseudonym is listed with the entry) and do not represent the views of the author's employer, the author's clients (if the author is an attorney), the author's family, the other authors, or anyone else who has anything to do with the author.

2. All statements on this blog are opinions based on publicly disclosed facts and are accordingly protected expression under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. No attempt has been made to independently verify any statement of fact.

3. Notwithstanding the fact that the authors of this blog are lawyers, nothing on this site should be taken to constitute legal advice or the practice of law, or to create an attorney-client relationship between the authors and the reader.

4. The maintenance and updating of this website does not constitute an intent to avail the authors of the benefits and protections of any jurisdiction other than the one in which each author resides. Readers may not be able to obtain jurisdiction over the authors.

5. The authors of the blog are not responsible for statements made in the comment boards, and make no representation that we can or will read all comments. We do, however, reserve the right - in our sole discretion - to remove comments, edit comments to excise offensive language, ban specific individuals from posting comments, or abolish the comment feature entirely.

6. CONFLICTS POLICY: The authors of this blog are lawyers. While it would be the better journalistic practice to disclose when we comment on something that we or our employers or clients may have an interest in, we generally do not make such disclosures, on the theory that doing so might involve disclosing more than we should about our employers and clients. So, take that for what it's worth.

7. The authors of this blog may, from time to time, be in possession of material, nonpublic information regarding companies whose securities are publicly traded. Nothing on this blog shall be read to create any duty to disclose such information or otherwise to create any liability relating in any way to purchases or sales of securities.

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After reading your above "Disclaimer and Terms of Use", it is no wonder my attorneys fees cost more than a new BMW every year. You guys can't even exercise your Constitutional rights without equivocation and an hour of billable time.

I went into the wrong field ;-)


Posted by: David at September 7, 2006 6:35 AM
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