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July 13, 2004
POLITICS: J. Danforth Edwards

You may have seen Jonah Goldberg's point last week that the Democrats who ripped Dan Quayle for his lack of experience have a lot of explaining to do to justify John Edwards, with only about half of Quayle's tenure as a legislator, as a VP candidate. This was a particularly amusing example:

In 1988 John Kerry got into a lot of trouble -- and eventually apologized -- for telling the following joke when asked about Quayle's qualifications:

"The Secret Service is under orders that if Bush is shot, to shoot Quayle."

But what really amazed me was the site Jonah linked to: Yes, there really is a Dan Quayle United States Vice Presidential Museum. See for yourself. Quayle's bio gives in to one flight of hyperbole that would make Bill Clinton blush: "As a leader in causes from legal system reform to deregulation to the renewal of basic American values, Vice President Quayle developed a large national following and became one of the most admired Americans of his time."

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