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January 18, 2009
POLITICS: Never Considering The Consequences

My RedState colleague Moe Lane has excellent point about efforts to criminalize differences over national security policy now that the Democrats have unchecked political power and are convinced they will never lose it:

I submit to all of you that the true reason that the American Republic has endured, public bribing by the legislature or no, is because of a very simple rule: political defeats do not end the game.

This cannot be emphasized enough, and it doesn’t get emphasized at all. Every time that the White House changes hands, we get to read self-congratulatory epistles about how wonderfully easy and simple and painless is the transfer of power. No tanks in the street, no tense moments at the various government agencies as the crop of old political appointees leave office to make room for the new crop of political appointees; there’s not even a mob. But do you know why that happens? It happens because the people leaving those jobs and positions are well aware that, when they get home, there won’t be a squad of masked gunmen from the opposing faction there to murder, rape, beat up, arrest, or drag into internal exile themselves and their families.

Folks who think that Republicans, upon returning to power, would have no possible basis for throwing a lot of Democrats in jail over policy differences...well, they're the same people who back in about 1991 would have told you that sexual harrassment charges and the Independent Counsel statute would never be turned against the people who brought them into national politics.

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Look at the damage that borking wrought. Child's play compared to the prospects of proscription lists.

Posted by: gpc31 at January 18, 2009 10:24 PM

This has nothing to do with criminalizing policy differences. It is all about restoring the rule of law, the promise of democracy and the dignity of our country. Let's reveal the facts and let the law takes us where it leads -- right to Cheney's prison cell.

Posted by: Magrooder at January 18, 2009 11:07 PM

"and are convinced they will never lose it"
Now that's just silly Crank. Each and every one knows that they stand to be punished based on how the next 2 years ago, even though we currently have no idea how bad our financial system is doing. And more than that, are fully aware of what happened to Republicans over the last 4 years. Give them 3 years to forget.

"criminalize differences over national security policy"
One of the other reasons that we have a peaceful transfer of power is the rule of law. And the idea that as power transfers, the other side will not specifically target members of the opposite party for being the opposite party, maybe by having a sitting party member contact a prosecutor for that reason. Or replace prosecutors who are either slow, or don't believe that a case can be made with one that does.

Well, we used to believe in that.

Just curious Crank. If you get bad advice from a lawyer and then it turns out that lawyer was wrong - do you still get convicted?
I'm guessing yes. Why is this any different?

Can conservatives distinguish between punishment for breaking the law vs. political punishment?

Posted by: Dave at January 19, 2009 12:12 AM

Of course, we're talking about people who live by a different code; to wit, military service was paramount in '00 and '04, notsomuch in '08. Lying under oath ripped apart the constitution when Ollie North did it, "everybody does it" when Clinton does it. In short, you are subject to a much higher standard than they declare for themselves.

And it's your fault if you point this out. Racist.

Posted by: RW at January 19, 2009 7:08 AM

Congratulations, RW. You win the false-equivalency award for the year, and it's only 19 days old.

Is your point that lying about sex (which no one has EVER done***snark alert***) is the same as lying about circumventing the US Constitution?

Bravo, R(ush) W, bravo!!

Posted by: Berto at January 19, 2009 3:08 PM

And let me to beat you to the point about Bill Clinton, again.
He was a TERRIBLE President. Not W or Reagan TERRIBLE (really, how could he be?), but a shitty President nonetheless.

Posted by: Berto at January 19, 2009 3:11 PM
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