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January 26, 2009
POLITICS: You, Too, Can Date A Maxim Model

All you need is the writing brilliance to come up with penetrating lines like "Yes We Can."

On the one hand, I should be proud of Favreau as a fellow Holy Cross grad. On the other, well, the Obama camp spent the election season spreading the fiction to gullible supporters and reporters that Obama writes his own vague, unmemorable, substanceless speeches, so any attention Favreau gets is a source of amusement all its own.

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I find Obama's speeches very good. Most good writers have several drafts of their work in order to improve it.

Crank, your already low credibility has dipped even lower. Not once in the last 8 years did you comment on Bush's cookie-cutter "speeches", which were written entirely by other people and were ignobly delivered by the worst orator in modern Presidential history. Now you have a beef with Obama a week into his term? Come on! I've watched all the Inauguration speeches on They go back about 50 years. Obama's was by far the best to me...

Obama is a gifted writer and speaker. From the link you posted, Favreau merely assisted with the editing. Editors can be helpful -- your godawful partisanship of the last year might have been tempered if you had had one...

Posted by: dave-o at January 27, 2009 9:41 AM

1. So, you are sticking to the position that Favreau merely "edits" the speeches?

2. Name your favorite memorable lines from an Obama speech. My guess is that at the end of his tenure in office, he'll have had fewer lines that were really memorable than Bush, or than, say, Don Rumsfeld. Just having a mesmerizing voice doesn't equate to actually saying anything concrete.

3. Bush was famous for not being a good speaker. Obama is famous for being a great one. Of course, the bar is higher for him; it's his only real skill besides raising money. That's like saying it's hypocritical to complain about Vince Coleman's baserunning if you don't also complain about Mike Piazza's.

Posted by: Crank at January 27, 2009 11:32 AM

This will be my memorable line from Rumsfeld:

"Your Honor, I regret my actions taken in direct violation not only of the Constitution and laws of the United States, but also of basic human morality. I accept and deserve the harshest sentence you can impose today."

Posted by: Magrooder at January 28, 2009 12:48 PM
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